Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's our Final Graduation Concert!

The Children of LFLF had such a wonderful time practicing for their graduation concert, they enjoyed moving and grooving along to the difference dances and songs that were created for them. This is LFLF final graduation concert, this was a very bittersweet moment as all the the staff were so excited to watch the little ones preform what they worked so hard on for their parents, but also so sad that we no longer will have a graduation concert again at LFLF. We want to thank all of the wonderful parents for their amazing support, the children for being so special and for dancing like no one was watching- perfectly, and to the amazing staff without you this wouldn't of been possible! We are going to miss everyone SO much and we hope you all enjoy these wonderful memories we have created this year together! Wishing everyone lots of love and amazing luck in their future endevours!

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